Dike Newell School

Dike Newell School
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The Pre-K program at Dike Newell School is located at 3 Wright Drive, Bath. The Tools of the Mind Curriculum is the foundation of the program with the focus on the development of both cognitive and social-emotional self-regulation.
Opportunities for mature, intentional play are delivered in a warm, caring environment. Content is presented in an integrated, developmental way so that instruction in literacy, math, and science forms a coherent whole. Instructional strategies include child directed activities as well as teacher directed activities. The program encourages school home connections.

This site offers morning sessions 5 days a week: 8:30-12:00 M, T, Th & F and 9:30-12 on Late Start Wednesdays.

For More Information Contact:
Kim Burgess, School Secretary
Dike Newell School
3 Wright Drive
Bath, ME 04530