Woolwich Central School

Woolwich Central School 
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The Pre-K program at Woolwich Central School (WCS) is located in the new school building on Nequasset Road in Woolwich.  The Tools of the Mind Curriculum is the foundation of the program with the focus on the development of both cognitive and social-emotional self-regulation.

Opportunities for mature, intentional play are delivered in a warm, caring environment. Content is presented in an integrated, developmental way so that instruction in literacy, math, and science forms a coherent whole. Instructional strategies include child directed activities as well as teacher directed activities. The program encourages school home connections.


This site offers morning sessions 5 days a week: 8:30-12:00 M, T, Th & F and 9:30-12 on Late Start Wednesdays.

For More Information Contact:
Betsy Lane, School Secretary
Woolwich Central School
137 Nequasset Road
Woolwich, ME 04579